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Natural Fertility

Only by changing path, can you change your destination.

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Reference center in gynecology

Acupuncturists recommended by IVF clinics and gynecologists who specialize in fertility.

Get pregnant with Acupuncture like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey

Natural pregnancy at 41 years

When I started treatments with Joachim, I was 41 years old and I was trying since 37 year old to get pregnant. ... I have no doubt that this miracle was due to Joachim's work....
new testimonialsM.M., 41 años

Insufficient semen for pregnancy

The treatment helps in reproductive issues ... The seminograms before and after Acupuncture treatments prove it ... and not just once, but twice!
new testimonialsV.C., 36 años

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No Hurry, but No Sleepy.

Discover if you are fertile and your chances of getting pregnant naturally

30% of cases are classified as “unexplained infertility”: Both partners are perfect; all the test results are normal, and no doctor can explain why there is no pregnancy!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Impressed or Free

If after your first treatment for fertility, you are not impressed and you decide it is not for you; we will reimburse you 100%, no question asked !

Concrete improvements right then

During every treatment, you will feel unmistakable improvements. Areas of tensions in your body will disappear instantly. Old pains will melt. A deep sense of well-being will fill your body and mind.

Chronic problems will fade away

While the effect of Acupuncture will be obvious during the treatment, you will also see the long term effect of it. Chronic pre-menstrual symptoms will be gone. Period pains and others ailments will be healed. Ovulation will regulate and Libido will increase.